1,781CUB members say “Hands off my water bill!”

Sewer Manhole Cover by Hern Iron Works

Think you should have to pay for a service you don’t receive? We don’t either— and 1,781 CUB Action Network members agree!

But that’s exactly what big water companies want.  Senate Bill 1421 would give a big profit boost to the state’s two largest water companies: Illinois American Water and Aqua Illinois. It would allow them to petition state regulators to jack up rates for all their customers to repair sewer systems in other cities.

Many homes get drinking water from Aqua or Illinois American, but their waste water service is handled by local government. Currently, Aqua and Illinois American aren’t allowed to charge those customers higher rates to cover sewer improvements that would never benefit them. SB 1421 would change all that. In effect you could get charged twice for sewer service—once from your local government and once from your private water company.

That’s right: Every time those companies take over an old sewer system to pad their profits, you could get charged a rate hike to repair that system.  Even if the upgrades never benefit you!

If you haven’t already, ask your legislators to vote NO on SB 1421.

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