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Five things to remember when buying a new cellphone

Two months ago I was debating whether or not to buy a new smartphone. My contract was over, my once powerful smartphone had lost its lightning speed, and I realized I was paying a premium monthly charge for a cellphone subsidy … Continue reading

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Three handy devices to cut your electric bill

For those willing to spend a little—but not a lot—to cut energy costs, these three devices fit the bill. Kill A Watt. Plug electronics and appliances into this handy device to instantly find out how much electricity they’re using—and how much money … Continue reading

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10 energy-saving tips for pet owners

Energy efficiency can be a major challenge for pet owners, who typically have a furry, feathery or scaly resident that never leaves the house. But you don’t have to choose between keeping your pet comfortable and minimizing your energy costs—these … Continue reading

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Good news for Ameren natural gas customers?

Ameren is predicting its customers will see lower natural gas prices this winter—but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll see lower bills. The utility says it expects prices to hover between 53 and 55 cents per therm, down about 5 percent from the prices … Continue reading

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Paid TV fails the lie detector test

Ever gotten the bait and switch from your cable company? Nowadays the best strategy to keep your TV and Internet bill low appears to be calling every few months to negotiate. CUB believes consumers should have the option of paying … Continue reading

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Win energy-saving prizes all month long!

October is “Energy Smart Month” at CUB, and we’re giving away a money-saving prize every week to celebrate. All you have to do is correctly answer CUB’s weekly quiz question on Facebook by noon each Friday for a chance to win. … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t you be able to ‘unlock’ a cellphone that YOU own?

Love your smartphone but not your wireless carrier? You might be out of luck. Last October, the Library of Congress adjusted its interpretation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The result is it’s now illegal for customers to “unlock” … Continue reading

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