Illinoisans haven’t seen gas prices like this since…2001!

20151208_DecGasPrices_fbThis isn’t a misprint: December’s natural gas prices are at their lowest point in nearly 15 years!

Major Illinois utilities are charging consumers 26-48 percent less to heat their homes this December compared to last.

Peoples Gas shows the biggest price drop of all, charging customers about 28 cents per therm less this month. Not far behind, North Shore Gas is charging customers about 23 cents per therm less. Nicor Gas is knocking 22 cents per therm off its rate.

Rounding out the group is Ameren. Its customers will be charged roughly 15 cents per therm less in 2015 than 2014.

The lower prices mean customers using 200 therms of gas to heat their homes this December would pay about $30 to $55 less, compared with last December.

The last time customers saw prices this low was in 2001. Back then, warmer weather decreased the need for natural gas, which forced prices to fall, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA)—the statistical arm of the Department of Energy.

The same supply/demand rational still holds true today. Based on forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the temperature in the Midwest is expected to be 11 percent warmer this winter. A  milder winter will keep heating demand down along with the prices, just like it did in 2001.

You can add to your savings by taking advantage of great energy efficiency programs, such as the Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas Jumpstart Program. Also, follow these simple tips to help you live comfortably and save in the winter.


About Jim Chilsen

Jim is director of communications for the Citizens Utility Board (CUB)
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  1. A frugal environmentalist says:

    Can you say “Global Warming”, Jim? I am happy that Bill Gates and friends are finally going to do something about the environment, like fund advanced nuclear reactors and grid improvements that we disparately need. Unfortunately, you never support these ideas, Jim. You and the Sierra Club only preach the benefits of natural gas without telling the truth about how methane is a much more potent green house gas than CO2, and research shows that replacing coal generating plants with natural gas plants delays progress on reducing CO2 levels is a road to environmental disaster. Also, Jim, would you please look into whether the Illinois Sierra Club is illegally coordinating efforts with the Illinois Democratic party? On Sierra Club employee told me that the Sierra Club provided democrats “cover” for their pro fracking votes. I think that is illegal, Jim.

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