4,400+ messages sent by CUB Action Network this month!

By Samantha Vercellino 

CUB Action Network members have been on their “A” game in May.

Over the last three weeks, they have sent some 4,400 messages to regulators and legislators to reduce rate hikes, save landlines and protect consumers’ rights.

The issue at the forefront of most members’ minds appears to be Big Telecom’s plan to abandon Illinois consumers. 2,585 members have asked legislators to preserve consumer protections and save home phone service, before the Illinois Telecommunications Act expires at the end of this month.

Not wanting to pay for water services that don’t benefit them, 1,760 members have asked officials to reject Senate Bill 1421— legislation that would allow water companies to increase consumers’ rates to repair sewer systems in other cities

Besides helping fight key battles, members have also taken the time to thank the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) for protecting consumers against unethical sales practices by alternative suppliers.

Even though the month is almost over, we still have a long year ahead of us and more battles to fight. Help us keep money in your pockets by joining CUB’s Action Network today!


About Jim Chilsen

Jim is director of communications for the Citizens Utility Board (CUB)
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One Response to 4,400+ messages sent by CUB Action Network this month!

  1. Philip and Marie McCaig, Indian Head Park says:

    I wish you would take a look at what Indian Head Park is trying to do with the water meter fiasco.
    The outdoor remote meters are not keeping up with the actual meters inside. They are trying to bill people retroactive for the balance!! We were notified and won’t know how much we owe until they bill us. We could owe thousands of $$. How are those of us on fixed incomes supposed to pay?

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