CUB to challenge ComEd and Ameren rate hikes

Ameren and ComEd customers will get hit with about $400 million in rate hikes come New Year’s Day.

On Wednesday, ComEd was granted a $245 million increase, and Ameren $204 million, according to the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Here’s CUB Executive Director David Kolata’s statement:

Today, ComEd and Ameren received a total of about $449 million in rate hikes (reportedly $245 million for ComEd and about $204 million for Ameren). CUB is disappointed in these increases, especially as they will hit consumers in the heart of what could be another expensive winter. Illinois’ new way of setting electric rates—by formula—limits how much consumer advocates and regulators can reduce proposed increases. CUB does plan to file petitions for rehearing to lower the increases as much as possible. However, our focus is also on holding ComEd and Ameren accountable and pushing them to live up to their promise of building a better power grid that maximizes consumer benefits. Illinois consumers deserve to see results.


About Jim Chilsen

Jim is director of communications for the Citizens Utility Board (CUB)
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One Response to CUB to challenge ComEd and Ameren rate hikes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just a few months ago Comed got a 28% increase to replace meters and improve infrastructure, and now they get another 11% raise on their delivery charges? I called Comed and they said they would not start replacing meters until 2018. Why do they get away such HUGE increases now. I received a 1.5% increase in my Social Security this year and Comed got a 39% increase, how are we supposed to pay our electric bills, when they were already some of the Most expensive in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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