CUB, ABC 7 shine spotlight on a ‘Major’ problem

JasonCheck out Jason Knowles’ ABC 7 investigative piece on Major Energy, an alternative electric supplier with a track record that’s causing CUB concern.

Some of the most egregious complaints CUB has received about alternative suppliers have been connected to Major. They’re one of the companies that sparked CUB and the City of Chicago to petition state regulators to investigate Illinois’ power market.

Thanks to the Jason Knowles and the I-Team for the report.


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Jim is director of communications for the Citizens Utility Board (CUB)
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One Response to CUB, ABC 7 shine spotlight on a ‘Major’ problem

  1. Jim and Jason,

    Great start in making efforts in making changes for those continually effected in Illinois!

    There are countless dynamics to what all the Electricity Components are vs Energy Supply Cost Factors that have to adjust to endless changes. There will always be fluctuation and risk with our supply.

    1. Once investigative groups are able to really get a grasp of all the variables and components behind the scenes, are really not controllable in their entirety.

    2. Then you will understand that most if not all suppliers or middleman brokers where only trying to profit and make a business on short live price drops in the market.

    3. No one really understand what it is that raises electric and gas prices. How they are interrelated? Who really owns and controls the market?

    My partners does not condone or condemn such painful experience of unexpected users, or the suppliers that are playing in a market that they don’t have the slightest understanding of. Let allow the finances to protect their willing subjects and marketing viewers.

    Unified Energy Alliance – UEA would be happy to educate and clarify these issues and the steps needed to be taken. In fact, we HAVE ALREADY implemented (for years in Eastern States) for our clients and colleagues, the truest form of education and protection for their budget protection needs. And always free of charge.

    Unfortunately, not everyone will have the opportunity to avoid most of the headache. There is only one TRUE OPTION, and not enough support to go around, yet. We will get their together.

    So what is the Solution? (Please read carefully and save for later)

    1. Suppliers have to be financially capable and willing to take HUGE LOSSES AND RISK to keep their promises. As we have seen, many seemingly large suppliers are now gone or on their way out, purchased by other groups.

    2. Supplier(s) have to allow outside, non-bias consulting group (that REALLY UNDERSTANDS the history and future of the Energy Markets) to reformulated how they perceive client retention vs up front profits and losses.

    3. Their promises and goals have to be plainly outlined and mutually held in a VERY STRONG CONTRACT, one that goes against standard contracts in Corporate America.

    4. Then there needs to be developed a work force of properly educated consultants, with selfless motive, to spend much time teaching and analyzing what each SMB, Municipality, Home Owner’s needs are.:

    Again, teaching what is real?

    What are their best options?

    And how to be protected in this powerful, revolutionary program, that will be able to purchase (when ready) long-term, discounted, TRULY FIXED RATE, that is the ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND, that comes with the STRONGEST WARRANTY.

    This is all “outside the box” and this is not really fair to a CFO’s point of view. But, it is the only way to bring true protection, insight and budget control to all our effected users in Illinois and beyond.

    Please contact to request further support. And please follow the efforts and progress made for all of Illinois citizens.

    – Justin Roybal
    Independent Energy Consultant

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