Tell the ICC: Investigate the Illinois Electric Market

electric rate enews.inddNews from Illinois’ electric market hasn’t been great lately. CUB has seen an uptick in complaints from consumers who have encountered skyrocketing rates (up to six times the rate of the regulated utility!), misleading marketing, confusing offers and unpredictable pricing from alternative suppliers.

It’s time to get to the bottom of this.

Last week, CUB joined the City of Chicago to request a formal investigation of the market by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

While electric deregulation has saved many consumers money so far (specifically through municipal aggregation deals across the state), it also opened the door for certain companies to use questionable sales tactics targeting unsuspecting customers.  CUB wants to weed about the bad players and rip-offs, and protect consumers’ hard-earned dollars.

You can help: Add your name to CUB’s petition asking the ICC to probe alternative suppliers who may be taking advantage of Illinois consumers.

For more information about the electric market, visit

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