Watch out for these scams!

20140225_ScamAlert_fbImagine this: you’re sitting in your living room, enjoying an afternoon of watching Judge Judy and drinking tea, when your cellphone rings.  You pick it up only to hear a short click.  Curious, you call the unrecognized long-distance number back and are put on hold for several minutes.  Not enjoying the instrumental version of “Endless Love,” you eventually hang up and move on with your day. (Is Dr. Phil going to watch itself?)

Later in the month, you are shocked when you receive your cellphone bill.  For the five minutes you were on the phone, you incurred a $65 charge!  Outrageous!

This scam—called the “one-ring” scam—has been reverberating through the nation and finally hit Illinois earlier this month.  It is just one of many frauds targeting Illinois consumers that CUB wants to warn you about.

We recently released a Scam Alert describing the top 3 scams wreaking havoc in Illinois, along with tips on how to protect yourself.  CUB is constantly on the lookout for scams and works tirelessly to alert consumers to potential threats.

Be sure to read and share the information with your loved ones!  And take our survey about these con games to be entered in a drawing for four light bulbs with money-saving potential of $200!

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One Response to Watch out for these scams!

  1. wes says:

    Want to stop these scams and annoying tele-marketing calls on your mobile phone or even on your land line phone. Stop answering any call you do not recognize the person calling or the number calling. Even more never answer a call that comes in as “Private”, “Unknown”, or other “no caller ID”. Never! People you know who use *67 on their calls or use permanent caller ID blocking these days are not behaving as your friend even if they may be.

    Oh so you think you might be missing something important? YOU ARE NOT!
    Utilize an answering machine (as inexpensive as $12.00 one time cost) or an answering service (much too expensive from the likes of AT&T at $9.95 per month) for your calls in that you do not recognize the caller.

    The real problem is persons who desire that every time their phone rings it really has to be important exactly for them. IT IS NOT! Assume every call is a scam, tele-marketer, or an ex- using a new number to harass you. Learn to use technology to let people know you are the most important person in the world and are quite too busy to take their “unidentified call” rather than assume you hope the caller will make you the most important person in the world. Few callers in this time will.

    When you get over your social need to answer every call you will be protecting yourself from any and all telephone scams. Wait and listen to the message they leave, IF ANY, which gives you the opportunity to assess the value of the call and call back those “really important” calls.

    Take the time to utilize the power of caller ID technology to either use a phone book on your phone that identifies who is calling or to route your call to an answering robot first. It is truly like having a personal secretary who only lets through the caller she/he knows you wish to receive.

    The reason these scams work is by the mere fact you are the fool, not the most important person in the world!!!

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