Energy Reports: Helpful or Headache?

20140214_HomeEnergyFactSheet_e-newsNot too long ago, CUB began noticing an uptick in complaints about periodic “energy reports” being sent to consumers from the utility companies.  The reports give consumers information about their home’s natural gas and electricity usage, include tips on making homes energy efficient, and compare energy usage to neighbors.

While the reports spark surprise and even frustration from consumers who question their accuracy, supporters of such an approach say it is a cost-effective way to encourage more efficient actions around the house.

Opower_smileyWe immediately sent out a survey to discover what people thought, and we were astonished when more than 1,600 people responded.  Given the strong reactions to these reports, we took the time to answer the most frequently asked questions about them.  Read our fact sheet to find out what an energy report is, how accurate reports are, who conducts the analysis, and answers to other important questions.

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4 Responses to Energy Reports: Helpful or Headache?

  1. Kathy says:

    Comparing my usage to my 100 closest neighbors is ridiculous. I live in Chicago surrounded by many buildings that have units much smaller then mine. I also have 3 adults in my home. Comparing me to people who have one bedroom condos and units half the size of mine is useless. Well of course they use less utilities I do.

  2. Jerry Schilling says:

    Is there no end to this nanny state mentality of our over paid and under worked bureaucrats. Cub should be advocating for the most power available at the least possible cost which would mean getting rid of all this green nonsense which does nothing but make a few corrupt politicians and their cronies rich at the energy users expense. Smart meters are/is a perfect example of wasting money in a monumental way while getting nothing out of it except increased cost, safety and fire hazards, additional spying on their customers and ultimately time of use rates which is what they want as well as Agenda 21 control over we peons!.

  3. John says:

    The following sentence is taken from the “about CUB” web page. “CUB is Illinois’ leading nonprofit, nonpartisan utility watchdog organization.” When did the “watchdog” turn into a lapdog? CUB is chartered to fight rate increases, and to be an advocate for consumers. Instead it is trying to get consumers to cut their power usage by using childish smiley faces and sophomoric peer pressure. Obviously, less demand for power means that the utility companies do not have to invest in capital equipment for generation, transmission and distribution. So, CUB wants consumers to modify their lifestyles so that ComEd and other power companies can make ever larger profits.

  4. Sandy says:

    Why wouldn’t most people be annoyed at having their energy use compared with neighbors? Can it be any more insulting to give homeowners a pathetic smiley face if some industry moron judges that your household is “green” enough? It’s our homes, and it should be no ones business what and why we are using our own appliances. Good grief! When we were taking care of my dying father, up all night long, washing his linens, using suction machines and keeping him comfortable…did anyone really need some bureaucrat grading our family energy use? What’s next? Some feeble minded busy body taking over our check books and giving the unwashed masses an allowance?

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