CUB Analysis: Up To $37 Million Per Year In Potential EE Savings

CUB held news conferences across IllinoisUtilityIncentives_enews today to release a report that holds both good news and bad news for Illinois consumers.

First the bad news: The Federal Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently released state fact sheets that indicate Illinois is one of the biggest household energy users in the country. The 2009 data, the latest available, show that the Land of Lincoln’s home energy usage was 44 percent above the national average. Illinois families spend more than $2,000 a year on energy, the EIA estimates—and that also is above the national average.

On top of that, federal energy experts predict Midwest natural gas bills could jump by 13 percent, compared with last winter.

Now the good news: Never before have Illinois consumers been offered such a comprehensive collection of utility programs designed to save customers both energy and money. They include:

  • low-cost light bulbs at stores sold across Illinois;
  • rebates of up to $1,000 on energy efficiency products;
  • appliance recycling programs (in which the utility hauls your old, working, second refrigerator away—and then pays you $35, for ComEd customers, or $50, for Ameren customers);
  • discounted home energy audits—$49 for Ameren customers, $99 for Nicor Gas customers (such a service normally runs closer to $500).

As we head into another expensive winter heating season, CUB has released a guide to help Illinois consumers connect to these programs.


About Jim Chilsen

Jim is director of communications for the Citizens Utility Board (CUB)
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2 Responses to CUB Analysis: Up To $37 Million Per Year In Potential EE Savings

  1. Bob Flanary says:

    I meant to say “if your equipment is not broken, unlike mine”

  2. Bob Flanary says:

    So here is what I have done. First, I switched to ComEd’s residential real time pricing. Currently these rates are among the lowest electricity rates in the country. My electric bill on the budget is about $45 per month. My gas bill is currently $80 per month. The furnace is the only gas appliance that I have. Since my furnace is about 19 years old and is almost rusting through I am going to replace it with high efficiency electric heat pump with electric coil back up. The cost of doing this is about $2000 less to install than if I replaced with a similar gas fueled furnace and air conditioner combination. Then, I will turn off my gas completely. My gas bill goes to zero and my electric bill will go up about $40 per month. I go from $125 per month down to $85 per month by getting rid of gas. Not a bad deal. In addition, my carbon foot print drops considerably. This strategy will work for nearly everyone in Illinois – just remember that if your equipment is not broken, like mine, you may be better making the transition at a later date. Still, most customers save money by going all electric.

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