Local Phone Cost-cutter analyzes 50,000th bill!

CUB's Local Phone Cost-cutter has analyzed 50,000 bills, saving $9.9 million a year.

CUB is celebrating a milestone this week: Our free online service, the Local Phone Cost-Cutter, just analyzed its 50,000th phone bill. That means the tool has shown Illinois consumers how to cut their AT&T local phone bills by $9.9 million per year—definitely a reason to celebrate!

The Local Phone Cost-Cutter, created by CUB Webmaster David Mroczkowski, analyzes consumers’ calling habits and suggests the AT&T Consumer’s Choice plan or standard rate plan that best fits their needs. These plans, which CUB created under a legal settlement with AT&T, have been a frequent subject on the Watchblog. CUB has had to fight the phone giant often to protect and preserve these plans, which are designed to match the way most people use the phone and have rates starting as low as $3.05 per month.

We’re proud so many consumers have used the Local Phone Cost-cutter, but we see no reason to stop at 50,000 bills! Try CUB’s free tool to see what you can save today.

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